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The healthy properties of the oil

The attention given to the Mediterranean diet, ultimately, led to consider oil as a vital element in a healthy diet. In fact, in that our traditional use of plants is fundamental. From the chemical point of view is the degree of saturation or unsaturation of the fatty acid that affects in a beneficial or negative state of our arteries, facilitating or slowing down the process that follows us from birth to death, called atherosclerosis, which consists in ' progressive hardening of the arteries. The existing type of fat in olive oil can slow down this process through several mechanisms, one of which is the lowering of cholesterol levels in our blood. The daily intake through the diet of olive oil means an increase in "good" cholesterol (HDL) in spite of the "bad" (LDL). This explains the reason why people die in Southern Europe 5-6 times less for cardiovascular disease.The Scandinavians have to take drugs to get our cholesterol levels with the risk, however, serious side effects. Today, fortunately, we know that there are lifestyle habits that help prevent disease. It would be enough to recover or strengthen those eating habits that are part of our cultural heritage and pass it down even to the younger generations that too often allow themselves to be influenced by fast-food craze.

The more advanced studies in this field have shown that a diet rich in fatty acids, vegetable is associated with a low incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer. And then the olive oil in addition to containing certain types of essential fatty acids, has implied that antioxidants reduce the aging process of our body.




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