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Vicoli (Pe)
085. 845274



Oil Mill RANIERI ALFREDO Via S.Antonio, 1
65020 Rosciano (Pe)
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Ranieri Alfredo
Phone: 085 8505419
Fax: 085 8509846

It 'Since 1950 in the medieval hamlet of Roscoe, a small hill town overlooking the river Pescara, there is an extra virgin olive Ranieri. Result of a passion that starts from the insights entrepreneurial grandfather Alfredo returning from a ten-year stay in America, during which probably feels the absence of the precious condiment on the table, he decided to start the Oil Mill Ranieri.Fanatico the cleanliness of the mill , work and do the work of his employees in a white coat, the same that many years later his son Donato wear that starts the marketing door to door Ranieri oil out of the region especially in the north of Italy. The care and attention to quality production have been preserved over time reaching up to his nephew Alfredo. E 'with him who takes over technological innovation to serve a flawless product. The various stages of production undergo careful monitoring and analysis, from early harvest olives, storage in ventilated containers, washing, extraction defoliation and cold. Everything happens in a very short time to avoid compromising the nutritional and organoleptic. The extra virgin thus obtained has a low acidity, fades from green to yellow, with a fruity fresh fruit: an oil alive, with its personalitò, how lively the passion that fuels the young Alfredo as well as having expanded the range of products with a line of flavored oils and delicious preserves, regional and national awards obtained annually for its "liquid gold."

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