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cooperative SanMauro

cooperative SanMauro Loc.Vallecupa
66042 Bomba
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact Person: Donato Di Santo - Nadia Spinogatti
Phone: 0872 860138
Fax: 0872 860464

The Cooperativa San Mauro is the first cooperative was founded in Abruzzo in 1957, and produces extra virgin olive oil of high quality. The oil "SanMauro" is derived from the variety 'Gentile di Chieti "cold-pressed with millstones, has the peculiar features a very low acidity, a green color, an intense aroma of fresh olives, a fruity flavor sometimes pungent and a low number of peroxides. We also remember the oil PDO "Colline Teatine", manufactured under a strict disciplinary quality, variety comes from the "Gentile di Chieti" and "Leccino". Has a green color with golden hues, fruity with a grassy, leaves a slight hint of spicy and bitter and acidity of 0.6 max. And finally, the "Organic", created to preserve intact and healthy all vitamin and antioxidant properties of the oil, with respect for nature and health of consumers

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